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Editing makes all the difference.

I took this with my iphone so i couldn’t control what it captured at all.

The first picture is the original and the second is the edit (a quick edit). 

My edit looks a lot like what i actually saw that night. 

I bugs me when people bitch about photos that are edited. (Obviously I’m not talking about pictures of celebs, those are ridiculous. ) Often photos don’t capture what we saw, because a camera is a man made instrument, it is not our eye. We cannot recreate our eye. Cameras capture an image, whether it is an iPhone, point and shoot, or DSLR/SLR, the image is based off gray. That is why the top image has a lot more gray in it and little contrast.

Any image that is taken need to be processed to be accurate to what we actually saw. So, don’t hate.

Rant done.

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